Devil's Here on Earth

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Illegal recruitment agencies, terrorists, cheating lovers, liars, and all individuals who caused pains towards others people, are the devils. Devils are here. As Tracy Chapman wrote in her song 'Heaven's Here on Earth.' Thus, heaven and hell, are made by men on earth.

No need of seeing blazing fire to believe it is hell, neither of angels playing harp to affirm it is heaven.

I agreed to come in Norway when a friend promised to endorse her jobs to me. Instantly, she became an angel to me. The promise was only partially granted.

This 'partial' is like 10 to 20% which only affords me monthly transportation ticket. Weeks after since she left, I did not complain, and waited for my 'angel' to lay down the 'promise.'

Next month, I will be 1 year in Norway. I have become furious. A simple explanation why the jobs were not given was all I need. She has become a devil.

And she made my life a hell.

Unintentionally, my hatred towards her became intense and extreme. I started cursing her life and think ill of her.

I became a devil too. I made a world of hell for both of us.

I prefer heaven. Peace, harmony and optimism. I have stopped being a devil. Quit whining that 'she's a wicked devil, bitch, mother fucker.' Because I choose to move up, improve my world, my personality, and not go down, back to a hellish world.

I prefer to embrace pain and suffering and take these as factors to do better things in life and not cling with negative aspects of life. I am putting off the fire and not allow people to go through the same sufferings to make things fair. I am taking things differently, make somebody else's life comfortable.

Nurture heaven, not hell.