Monday, August 19, 2013

At Last! An Uncommon Site For Erudite People

The test of a first-rate intelligence 
is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time 
and still retain the ability to function.” 

¨¨F. Scott Fitzgerald

Found out about the word "erudite" and the quote above through The Kernel via email newsletter from Digg. If you're a dude, tired of the whining and 'for-the-sake-of-contradicting' blogs and sites, The Kernel is what you will give you a sigh and say, "at last!" Just like how I said, "at last, a movie for adults!" when I saw the movie Closer

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Awesome Android App: PhotoEditor

Myself in 2013
You can crop photos in shapes like circle, triangle and others. I used the PhotoEditor's Effect in this shot. Added texts with opacity adjusted. 

PhotoEditor editing application is a rockstar.

No more whining when some shots are not impressive. Do not rush to delete photos that you think not worth saving. Open them up first in this app and be surprised of how they'd look after trying all the features.

Absolutely free with so many features like mirror editing, cropping, auto features (auto: gamma, tone, contrast, etc.), texts and a lot more.

Upper part is the Oslo Opera House and the buildings behind are the one in the bottom. Used Effect II then mirro in the app. 

Mirror edit | Sculpture | Vigelandsparken, Oslo

Mirrored photo of a bridge in Hong Kong, the one connecting to Disneyland.

Mirror edit. The old building facing the Oslo Opera House.

Bekkestua, Norway train station ceiling. 

Oslo Central Station walkway

Oslo Operahuset and the buildings behind it.

I need to know the name of this building...

Oslo ski center
Oslo Ski Center

Andy Warhol inspired feature from the app

Allow me to be a camwhore sometimes please.

Using Instagram for photo essay

I have been recently active in Instagram. Firstly, there is no need to worry about viewers or photographers frowning upon my pixelated or low-resolution photos. I have been using non-HD, old DSLR. For instance, Flickr and 500px showcase crystal clear, extremely high-definition photographs.

Secondly, a "like" or two in Instagram is addicting. Seeing the heart in the app notification is so much better than Facebook's "thumb up" icon.

Lastly, photos posted by people are realistic, like an essay of their daily lives: what they see, eat or feel.

Below are my posts in Instagram with some thoughts I started to write off when the long, summer was stopped by the rain and chill wind.

Comparatively, these shapes and colors have relaxing effect, than "Tine" melk, IsTe Zero, Iskaffe Zero (respectively, milk, iced tea and iced coffee—products of a "big cheese" brand Tine. Three months in Norway, the pearly white teeth and square jaws of the models in train station print ad spaces have gradually locked my gaze straight ahead, ignoring these rectangular ads plastered like 4 to 6 in a row. But I'm no marketing mogul. Maybe surrounding people with same ads 360 degrees is effective. A website with ads in all corners is definitely not so appealing. Asian dude is helplessly having too much expectations: classic or modern and sophisticated European train stations. Just like the pictures in the books the white guys donated in Asian public schools. Location: #Oslo t-bane (train station).#Norway #advertising #PrintAds #commercialism#RainMakesMeThinkOfEconomics

A few months ago, I was an excited Filipino dropped in Norway so suddenly that I felt no worry at all owing to the mutual security the US dollars had have given me. Unbelievably, my childhood impression of "superhero" US dollars became a worse lie that I grew up to believe to. US dollar is weak in Norway—its buying power is as low as a sun setting behind the low hills. So the Asian dude ran to Tiger store, a cool but cheap store in the outskirt of Oslo. Scalp-scraping hair comb, chocolate, eraser (that refused to get rid of pencil sketches) and chocolate beverage (that seemed to be 90% sugar, water and 10% cacao), all from Sweden: not bad for $18. #Norway #USDollar#RainMakesMeThinkOfEconomics