Censorship in AdSense

Huge, nude self portrait in Oslo Central Station

Last month, I received an email from Google AdSense warning me to remove nudity in one of my blogs in 72 hours. It's not an adult blog. It features beautiful Filipino, fit, sexy, good-looking, in their best shots. Photography comes in all angles, colors, and moods. Some of this blog's photos had nudity in them, taken by well-known photographers.

Google doesn't really care. Artistic or not, butt exposure is against their policy since they claim to be "family-oriented" working with their "family-oriented" clients.

But this blog oftentimes, randomly, gets ad from Google AdSense with smiling Asian women, showing upper part of unusually big Asian boobs and more inviting cleavage, which can be sexually stimulating for some men. It's a "date Asian women" advertiser. These thumbnails are too far from being artistic though. They look so "Craiglist."

I removed all the butt-exposing pics, crotch-focused ones, and even a Filipino supermodel in sheer-clothing photographed by a well-known artist.

Now, my earnings has been plummeting. Virtual enterprise is not as stable as having a real, four-corner-job.