New Yahoo! logo reminds me of MS Word's WordArt

Yahoo! new logo creates such noise that calling the logo "it sucks" has been popular from blogs and social networking sites.

A few minutes ago, I typed yahoo in my tablet's Chrome browser, hit enter, and got Google results such as yahoo.comyahoomail and news about Yahoo!.

I didn't notice the news headline (one con of using smartphone and tablets, my eyes quickly look at pictures, then the tiny words, or read the small letters of the words if interest occurs), but the new logo caught my attention immediately. In a couple of seconds, I presumed two things: a dork hacked Yahoo's site and changed its logo; and a cute kid won a logo contest for Yahoo!. 

It is so Microsoft Word's WordArt, versions NT, 90, or 2000. The logo looks childish and fun, though. But it is not a visual stimulant.

Surprisingly, I found out it's the initial design of the Yahoo! CEO, after reading some 'pissed-off' news.

She mentioned lots of things about the new logo and one of which is about not having it in straight line since ain't no straight line in real life. 

Reminds me of John Peel's life has surface noise when told about surface noise-free capabilities of CD compared to vinyl.