Warning! Spam Mail In Yahoo! Inbox for Upgrading Security

Just a warning before you click on emails that are awesomely authentic-looking—and fake. This one made it into my inbox so I opened it since it's from Yahoo!. 

Simple steps to outwit these spammers:

1. Point the mouse cursor/pointer over the sender's name (e.g. company name or full names). The sender's email appears near it. In the screenshot above, it shows mpearen60@yahoo.ca. We all know that default emails from companies—particularly big companies like Yahoo! and Apple—basically use emails like support@company.com or billing@company.com.

Since the email's content convinced me, I quickly clicked on the link. I got Yahoo!Mail homepage.

2. Always check the web address. Make sure the address is the correct one that you have been visiting too. This is also applicable in any sites that require log in or account names and passwords.

Simple, right?