Cynthia Villar, you are a "sabaw"

The hulllabaloo in Cynthia Viilar's tagging of nurses as "room nurse" can be forgotten because we know who we are. 

Ms. Villar apologized for hurting the nurses but come on honey, being a senator is harder than being a president for the school's senior student's government or school yearbook's editor-in-chief. Your answer dictates your personal perception among nurses. 

It's like taking a nursing board exam. A multiple choice exam. Your instinct wins. You choose the first answer since it's what you believe is right. 

Go on making business over realty and stop trying to make it in the politics. You are a SABAW.

I understand your lowly impression in nursing. I have a relative who despised when I took nursing. Insisting it's a caregiving or a nanny thing. Yes, we wipe asses and vagina but we have medical/scientific rationales in every steps we do.

Analytic skill is a must for us to safely execute actions towards patients. We studied Pharmacology to know how the elements of drugs, how they are distributed to the body, and how the chemicals battle the viruses or bacteria in the bloodstream. Seems so scientific, isn't it.

So darling, give it up. 

Being a senator is difficult. Being sorry for the 30 seconds given to discuss your answer is so like being sorry for not being that witty to be a senator.

Give it up baby.