Saturday, October 19, 2013

Norwegian hypocritical rule

It's 4:31 in the morning. I'm in the bus off to Bærum. Been in Oslo bus terminal from past 3:30 a.m. I witnessed a scenario that created questions regarding my point of view towards beggars, homeless, and drunk passengers.

The guy in the photo above was obviously dressed well. Judging from the material his trench coat is made of and a nice wool scarf, he's a normal drunk guy unable to resist sleep while waiting for his bus. Having palms clasped together, he cradled his head over them, eyes closed, comfortably—and probably–waiting for his bus.

I was sitting in front of him, sipping an overpriced little cup of coffee and munching an 18 kroners ultimately dry, hard raisin bread from Que Presso. A security guard tried to wake up this sleeping, bald guy. He talked in Norwegian which I presumed was something about sleeping is not allowed inside the bus terminal.

Therefore, if any parts of your body is in horizontal position, it is prohibited. You may close your eyes and sleep just like this lady in the photo below, but you can never comfortably take a nap horizontally. This lady is lucky to have a huge back which she can lean on and  sleep or nap. Too bad, the guy had a small back pack that can never be leaned on, vertically.

Bald guy sat up. Undeniably sleepy. A couple of minutes later, his eyes closed and dropped his torso again in the seat like a child sleeping. It took only a few minutes, the security guard woke him up again. The latter seemed serious that the guy had to push himself up, eyes half closed and walked along the corridors. I perfectly understood what he was doing. He had to walk to shoo away his lethargy.

My morals were shaken.

I was shattered with what I saw. Firstly, there were vacant seats, literally and figuratively. Why can't anyone take a nap with his torso flat in the seat? It's a waiting area: which means a place where people wait for their bus, irrespective of the habits of waiting: with eyes wide open, napping, talking, or staring at nothing. Simply, Oslo bussterminalen can put a sign that goes: "No one is allowed to wait for his bus in horizontal position."

Secondly, in the southern Philippines, you can rent a small bed and sleep while waiting for your bus, inside the bus terminal. Inside—to keep people warm.

If, unfortunately, you were in this guy's shoes, would you want someone shaking your body and stop you from lying down?

Finally, the scene didn't end with the sleepy dude. When he's gone, the security shook off this young guy, legally (?) napping in upright position. The former spoke in Norwegian which I assumed accused the latter to be sleeping for hours already inside the terminal. This guy looked decent and finely dressed. He left the terminal. It was freezing cold outside.

I asked myself, if one day, I missed my bus or lose my bus ticket, I have to freeze to death outside since I can not stay long inside this boring, no-style-at-all terminal.

Teaching discipline sometimes go hand in hand with selfishness. Not giving anyone the liberty to overstay avoids the tendency of homeless people turning a certain place into a warm, temporary shelter. It may teach a bit of lesson. Do not be homeless in Oslo. Work hard. Earn money. And again, do not be homeless.

Homelessness happens in various reasons. One can be just annoyingly lazy. This bitch might be an addict. That dude might be a wayfarer. They might be victims of human smuggling. Despite the validity of these causes, I see no point in ignoring the people outside the terminal, freezing. It was zero degrees centigrade.

Hypocrisy lies beneath a nation's sugar-coated facade. A classic disease contemporarily confused as maturity of societal rule.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Censorship in AdSense

Huge, nude self portrait in Oslo Central Station

Last month, I received an email from Google AdSense warning me to remove nudity in one of my blogs in 72 hours. It's not an adult blog. It features beautiful Filipino, fit, sexy, good-looking, in their best shots. Photography comes in all angles, colors, and moods. Some of this blog's photos had nudity in them, taken by well-known photographers.

Google doesn't really care. Artistic or not, butt exposure is against their policy since they claim to be "family-oriented" working with their "family-oriented" clients.

But this blog oftentimes, randomly, gets ad from Google AdSense with smiling Asian women, showing upper part of unusually big Asian boobs and more inviting cleavage, which can be sexually stimulating for some men. It's a "date Asian women" advertiser. These thumbnails are too far from being artistic though. They look so "Craiglist."

I removed all the butt-exposing pics, crotch-focused ones, and even a Filipino supermodel in sheer-clothing photographed by a well-known artist.

Now, my earnings has been plummeting. Virtual enterprise is not as stable as having a real, four-corner-job.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Yahoo! logo reminds me of MS Word's WordArt

Yahoo! new logo creates such noise that calling the logo "it sucks" has been popular from blogs and social networking sites.

A few minutes ago, I typed yahoo in my tablet's Chrome browser, hit enter, and got Google results such as yahoo.comyahoomail and news about Yahoo!.

I didn't notice the news headline (one con of using smartphone and tablets, my eyes quickly look at pictures, then the tiny words, or read the small letters of the words if interest occurs), but the new logo caught my attention immediately. In a couple of seconds, I presumed two things: a dork hacked Yahoo's site and changed its logo; and a cute kid won a logo contest for Yahoo!. 

It is so Microsoft Word's WordArt, versions NT, 90, or 2000. The logo looks childish and fun, though. But it is not a visual stimulant.

Surprisingly, I found out it's the initial design of the Yahoo! CEO, after reading some 'pissed-off' news.

She mentioned lots of things about the new logo and one of which is about not having it in straight line since ain't no straight line in real life. 

Reminds me of John Peel's life has surface noise when told about surface noise-free capabilities of CD compared to vinyl.

Monday, August 19, 2013

At Last! An Uncommon Site For Erudite People

The test of a first-rate intelligence 
is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time 
and still retain the ability to function.” 

¨¨F. Scott Fitzgerald

Found out about the word "erudite" and the quote above through The Kernel via email newsletter from Digg. If you're a dude, tired of the whining and 'for-the-sake-of-contradicting' blogs and sites, The Kernel is what you will give you a sigh and say, "at last!" Just like how I said, "at last, a movie for adults!" when I saw the movie Closer

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Awesome Android App: PhotoEditor

Myself in 2013
You can crop photos in shapes like circle, triangle and others. I used the PhotoEditor's Effect in this shot. Added texts with opacity adjusted. 

PhotoEditor editing application is a rockstar.

No more whining when some shots are not impressive. Do not rush to delete photos that you think not worth saving. Open them up first in this app and be surprised of how they'd look after trying all the features.

Absolutely free with so many features like mirror editing, cropping, auto features (auto: gamma, tone, contrast, etc.), texts and a lot more.

Upper part is the Oslo Opera House and the buildings behind are the one in the bottom. Used Effect II then mirro in the app. 

Mirror edit | Sculpture | Vigelandsparken, Oslo

Mirrored photo of a bridge in Hong Kong, the one connecting to Disneyland.

Mirror edit. The old building facing the Oslo Opera House.

Bekkestua, Norway train station ceiling. 

Oslo Central Station walkway

Oslo Operahuset and the buildings behind it.

I need to know the name of this building...

Oslo ski center
Oslo Ski Center

Andy Warhol inspired feature from the app

Allow me to be a camwhore sometimes please.

Using Instagram for photo essay

I have been recently active in Instagram. Firstly, there is no need to worry about viewers or photographers frowning upon my pixelated or low-resolution photos. I have been using non-HD, old DSLR. For instance, Flickr and 500px showcase crystal clear, extremely high-definition photographs.

Secondly, a "like" or two in Instagram is addicting. Seeing the heart in the app notification is so much better than Facebook's "thumb up" icon.

Lastly, photos posted by people are realistic, like an essay of their daily lives: what they see, eat or feel.

Below are my posts in Instagram with some thoughts I started to write off when the long, summer was stopped by the rain and chill wind.

Comparatively, these shapes and colors have relaxing effect, than "Tine" melk, IsTe Zero, Iskaffe Zero (respectively, milk, iced tea and iced coffee—products of a "big cheese" brand Tine. Three months in Norway, the pearly white teeth and square jaws of the models in train station print ad spaces have gradually locked my gaze straight ahead, ignoring these rectangular ads plastered like 4 to 6 in a row. But I'm no marketing mogul. Maybe surrounding people with same ads 360 degrees is effective. A website with ads in all corners is definitely not so appealing. Asian dude is helplessly having too much expectations: classic or modern and sophisticated European train stations. Just like the pictures in the books the white guys donated in Asian public schools. Location: #Oslo t-bane (train station).#Norway #advertising #PrintAds #commercialism#RainMakesMeThinkOfEconomics

A few months ago, I was an excited Filipino dropped in Norway so suddenly that I felt no worry at all owing to the mutual security the US dollars had have given me. Unbelievably, my childhood impression of "superhero" US dollars became a worse lie that I grew up to believe to. US dollar is weak in Norway—its buying power is as low as a sun setting behind the low hills. So the Asian dude ran to Tiger store, a cool but cheap store in the outskirt of Oslo. Scalp-scraping hair comb, chocolate, eraser (that refused to get rid of pencil sketches) and chocolate beverage (that seemed to be 90% sugar, water and 10% cacao), all from Sweden: not bad for $18. #Norway #USDollar#RainMakesMeThinkOfEconomics

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flickr gives free terabyte

Bærums Verk


Reach out

Tringelen, Bærums Verk

Good thing Flickr gives each account holder a gree terabyte. I have ignored it for so long and have used other sites for posting photos.

Follow me, I'm on Flickr!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lost in Norway

I didn't wear socks. Too stubborn and insisted it's summer in Norway. It rained, shiver ran into my spine.  My hands would get somewhat numb. Oftentimes, I get this "electrical" sensation. In the Philippines, my friends complained they felt the pang of electricity when I touched them in the malls. This time, I electrify myself. Electrify? Forgive the word, I'm using a Norwegian laptop. 90% of the words I'm writing gets underlined in red. Bloody.  You have to be ready for everything in Norway. Weather app tells it's gonna be sunny or cloudy today, but rain or hail can happen. This morning, I was sitting outside having coffee and smoking. I let the sun kissed my face. Hailstone fell from the sky. A summer winter? This is my longest photo caption so far.

Happy being lost

I am lost in Norway. Lost in translation. Lost—and I am loving it. New things are like antibiotics, they repress the lassitude bothering you from your former comfort zones. The more striking my desire grows to see the world.

"Be happy, the world is big," I used to tell my friends losing grip that la vita y bella

Have fun and take photos (of yourself)
Oslo Central Station. How staged is a staged photography? As if someone calls my name. I turn around. The trench coat sways in the air like Neo does in the Matrix. Neo did it for film. I'm doing for what? It doesn't matter darling. I want to laugh someday and look how fun life had been.

One sure thing to do when living in a new place: take pictures. It doesn't matter if a camera at hand is a 5 megapixel, triple AAA battery powered with a resolution of a VGA camera. There's Photoshop. Torture pictures with editing softwares. 

Amazing how places become beautiful when they're in pictures. The latter are more beautiful when you're in the photos. It's gonna be the best picture ever when your best angle get caught. Quicker than thunder, it becomes your profile pic in Facebook or Twitter. 

Like I told you, Photoshop.

I'm trying to achieve a pompadour hairstyle. Norways seems to be having a moist air most of the times, my hair loses its James Dean look. One day, I had my hair tied into a ponytail. A man approached me and bowed down. He thought I was a yakuza.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Documentary Film | The Director

Photo via
James Franco never fails to prove he's a no nonsense jack-of-all-trades. He produced a documentary film about the current creative director of the label Gucci: Frida Giannini.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cynthia Villar, you are a "sabaw"

The hulllabaloo in Cynthia Viilar's tagging of nurses as "room nurse" can be forgotten because we know who we are. 

Ms. Villar apologized for hurting the nurses but come on honey, being a senator is harder than being a president for the school's senior student's government or school yearbook's editor-in-chief. Your answer dictates your personal perception among nurses. 

It's like taking a nursing board exam. A multiple choice exam. Your instinct wins. You choose the first answer since it's what you believe is right. 

Go on making business over realty and stop trying to make it in the politics. You are a SABAW.

I understand your lowly impression in nursing. I have a relative who despised when I took nursing. Insisting it's a caregiving or a nanny thing. Yes, we wipe asses and vagina but we have medical/scientific rationales in every steps we do.

Analytic skill is a must for us to safely execute actions towards patients. We studied Pharmacology to know how the elements of drugs, how they are distributed to the body, and how the chemicals battle the viruses or bacteria in the bloodstream. Seems so scientific, isn't it.

So darling, give it up. 

Being a senator is difficult. Being sorry for the 30 seconds given to discuss your answer is so like being sorry for not being that witty to be a senator.

Give it up baby.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Warning! Spam Mail In Yahoo! Inbox for Upgrading Security

Just a warning before you click on emails that are awesomely authentic-looking—and fake. This one made it into my inbox so I opened it since it's from Yahoo!. 

Simple steps to outwit these spammers:

1. Point the mouse cursor/pointer over the sender's name (e.g. company name or full names). The sender's email appears near it. In the screenshot above, it shows We all know that default emails from companies—particularly big companies like Yahoo! and Apple—basically use emails like or

Since the email's content convinced me, I quickly clicked on the link. I got Yahoo!Mail homepage.

2. Always check the web address. Make sure the address is the correct one that you have been visiting too. This is also applicable in any sites that require log in or account names and passwords.

Simple, right? 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Traveling the World Without Leaving Your House

Screenshot from the Secret Door site; the place is called Riksveg 890, Finnmark fylke in Norway
I have heard people in awe of the Google Maps Street View—some are for voyeurism purposes—but consider me a late bloomer, I have experienced it today. And yes, it is helluva awesome. The website is called the Secret Door. Learned about the Secret Door as I stumbled upon Venture Beat.

Once you click on the door, you will be randomly traveling to places like The White House, Rome's Colosseum, and even to a tiny library in Nunavut, Canada. 

The feeling is beautiful, it's heavenly actually, seeing serene forest Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave in France.

Saint Nicolas de la Grave 

You can drag the screen or click on the arrows and it brings you to the next spot: it's like you're trekking there yourself. There's a background music which is kind of working like a sleeping pill. You can put it off by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

So here are the screenshots of the places I've gone to today. Enjoy!

Google's Headquarter bulletin board; located in North Carolina

Russian and Turkish Spa, Miami, Florida

London, England

Tate Modern, London

I forgot to check the name of this stadium; I was busy circling the place, it was so huge.

The location appears as boxes, they must be in Chinese characters.

Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan

Earthquake-hit Plaza Maiya in Japan; yes they show stuff like this.

Russian & Turkish Baths, Miami, Florida

Tate Modern, England. You can zoom in and see the details of paintings, Victorian chairs, and others

Dauin, Dumaguete, Philippines
Borealis in Norway. Click the image for larger viewing. It's like seeing a place in 360 degrees. 

Try it now, just click on the door.
The Secret Door
The Secret Door is presented by Safestyle UK