Friday, June 29, 2012

Baliangao Beach

Baliangao is a small municipality in Misamis Occidental.
The little kid's my nephew crying, wanting to join his parents who were gone swimming.

I don't know what happened but these photos seemed to be in poor resolution.

It's not a resort. You just look for a good spot and swim. 
Near the huge rocks is an area filled with small corals and seaweeds.

But this one has the right resolution because it's me in the picture. LOL! Taken by my sister.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Tagaytay Highlands; there's a cable car to and fro the hotel and chapel
Taal Lake

Granny in the background
Huge Jesus Christ statue in People's Park in the Sky
Hills being chopped off to give space to condominiums and houses 

Camiguin Island

Balingoan Pier in Misamis Oriental; this is where you take the barge going to Camiguin if there's a need to take the car with you. Or take the fast craft from Cagayan de Oro if coming by yourself. 

The popular White Island in Camiguin is a sand bar that gets smaller during high tides.

Perfect place to enjoy the full view of Mount Hibok-Hibok, an active volcano, is from the White Island.

No cottages in the island.
Huge cross built as respect to the sunken cemetery when the volcano erupted circa late 1800.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Show some neck baby

Bite me baby...

Watching, randomly, an old season of America's Next Top Model, one of the candidates was criticized for not showing the 'neck' in the photo shoot. They portrayed to be vampires. 'Give me some neck' as Tyra exclaimed. Surprisingly, the photos below explain the disappointment of the judges; that they were being stiff, and Tyra demanded the 'neck' thing. 

Not really a significant post (just relieving myself from being lazy today) but photography has to have the correct anatomy. The neck may be one of the most neglected part, but it affects the mood of a photo. It helps deliver the meaning, at least for a staged photography. 
Vampire with a stiff neck

Honey, I want to bite your neck!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Real Men and Their Gadgets

Man pushing the boat away from the shore in Camiguin Island
Pedicab for hire in Ozamis City

Fisherman fixing his fishing net in Camiguin Island

Pedicab driver bringing passengers in their destination; pedicab, locally known as 'padyak'

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweet Kiss

My sister took this; the blurred person in the background is me. 
Sweet Kiss

Kiss is sweet,
When it is wet.
Kiss is sweet,
When it's the first.

Kiss is sweet,
If there's love on it.
Kiss is sweet,
If you both want it.

Kiss was sweet,
When we first kissed.
Kiss was sweet,
When we first met.

Patrick Poculan
June 20, 2012

HK Summer 2008

Thank you my sister, for this vacay, and for all.
Aboard Philippine Airline, my first flight outside the Philippines. It felt awesome. I took the free meal (not Happy peanuts and Hansel biscuit LOL) slowly and  the flight attendant pushed her hand right into my face. She needed to take the utensils. I consumed half of the meal. If coming to HK, eat your meal quick.

Hong Kong aerial view is so unlikely with Manila.

HK is composed of islands; we stayed in Kowloon
Giant bridges. Huge braces. And a CCTV.

'Well, Miss I want the third item in column number 2. And give me that 'tea' everyone's drinking.'
HK Disneyland is swarming with young manpower. Young crews, young dancers, young girls. These ladies were dancing under the extreme and annoying hot sunlight.

That is why Disney is for kids.

I did party while everyone was sleeping soundly in the hotel. Expensive party but the fun was different and unforgettable.
I assumed 90% of these signboards were gone after the typhoon in our 4th day. The strongest typhoon I've witnessed. I was a bit glad the typhoon came; we had to stay in the cozy hotel for another day and had fine dining in the hotel's restaurant. 

I will survive in HK. Men can go shirtless in downtown.

With my mother and granny. The bay was clean. Literally clean; no single trace of any forms of garbage. Manila Bay, oh there's still time to clean you up.

Symphony of Lights happens nightly at 8. Skycrapers beam with lights while music is overheard. I grew tired and almost dehydrated due to warm climate. I sat down and took picture of the tourists. 

Spicy seafoods.

Seafoods galore. Unusual shapes and kinds. Don't forget their beer, they do 'em spicy.

Young ladies in early morning. After party babies craving for hot noodles.