Hello 2013

2013 is gonna be a year for all of us.

The year 2012 has been filled with chaos, surprises, insecurities-countries fighting for a mere island's ownership, a silent-type geek firing bullets in school-achievements, and others. But we're still reading each other's blogs, Facebook or Twitter posts: in the end, good heed occur among us wishing everyone well.

I took a break from the corporate world in April. A decision I made that surely made me looked like a loser in the eyes of judgmental people. Let me emphasize I have become conceited: I pity them for seeing things like how the crowd deal things based on the reality of others.

Quitting is not losing. We need to breathe.

Some of us have been obsessed with money. Literally seeing life as working to have a paycheck landing into your palms in paydays.

We die without notice.

Do you wanna die with a fat bank account from working (and floating) at work?

Do you wanna die being stubborn and lazy, sometimes, enjoying the aimless driving of motorbike in the countryside, smoking and sipping coffee the whole while listening to Jack Johnson or the chirping of the birds?

It is a choice my dear.