Moist cupcakes

These cupcakes were amazing-and moist. Last month, I made more than 80 cupcakes for the children party my sister used to do every 2 years.


Moist Vanilla Cupcakes    -    Tasty Kitchen
Moist Chocolate Cupcakes  -   The Farm Chicks

But I'm mostly disobedient to published recipes. I always read the reviews especially the suggestion of those who've done a particular dish. Sometimes, I reject all their ideas and make my own mixing formula. Instead of a cup of coffee,  I like making a cup of brewed coffee out of 4 tablespoons ground dark coffee. Surprises are fun.

Kids need fairy cupcakes though. They tend to eat the frosting alone with a small bite of the cupcake. 
Red velvet cupcakes; notice the liner, that what happens to cheap ones.

My sister


Morning sun
You're never fun
I always run
Don't shine.

Oh night
Keeps me alive
Dark clouds
Let me drive.

I need you
Or you
Let me take you
Before the night takes its due.

~ Patzs


Dani said…
Awww cute cupcakes, they look delish too! I wish I had a flair for baking. :>
Patrick Poculan said…
You should try Dani, baking is about surprises too, yummy surprises.