End Come Too Soon

All the 'must haves' and 'have beens'
Drag my feet to the ground
Chronically blocking them
Force is too strong to stop.

Yearning to live simply
It's OK and I seem to like it
But people's obsession with money
Drags a part of me.

Fucking money
Fucking immigration
Fucking overseas job
Fucking visa.

I see people with blank stares
Ignoring the ground below them
Wasting time
Waiting for the money
They think they'd get one day.

The pristine beaches
the flowers
the trees
the wind...
They've been lookin' at them with blank stares.

Let's swim
Make baskets,
Weave rattans
Make dress
Bake cupcakes
Life is NOW. Here.

Not in the other side of the world. Not later.
Not where you'd ass be like where they have their asses now.

~ Patzs