Friday, August 10, 2012

2 Hours Crazy Birthday Cake

I have been looking for perfect cupcake recipe: soft and moist. After a few tries, this recipe from Glorious Treats seems to be almost perfect. Don't mind the half cup of vegetable oil in the list, it is necessary. Trust me. Delicious frosting from Tasty Kitchen by MissyDew is another perfect frosting. Be surprised you'd find flour among the lists: it's the secret. Prepare yourself in whisking with strength just like the photo below as flour stiffened the ingredients.

I call the cake crazy from its undeniably unpleasant presentation. The little bad boy in the house scoop up soil in the garden using my measuring spoons and cups. We've been hiding most of the baking supplies in all corners so my little munchkin use the toys instead.

Baked the dough in a loaf pan. Couldn't find the sets of square pan.

The good thing with this (cup)cake recipe is that it remained moist and soft after days of being stored in the fridge. And the frosting's heaven.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Good vibes with creative people

Dinner with my creative and optimistic friends at Cafe Laguna, located in Abreeza, Davao City.
The sinigang na baboy was amazing.

Spending time with creative and optimistic people is like a feel-good drug.
Laughter's real. Makes you feel young again.