Thursday, July 19, 2012

Food color and water

Materials: food color, water, wine glass, cheap Sony digicam
All photos tortured in Photoshop CS5

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brandon Boyd

Spilling Spinning by Brandon Boyd; photo via Subvert Magazine
Check out his books here.
I'm crossing my fingers. Hope I can find his books in National Bookstore.

Since I have not gained weight after consistent consumption of 2 cups of rice daily, I want his lean body.

Deciding after crossing the bridge

Many dreams have been forgotten due to worries or lack of support from pursuing them. Some plans go to waste after being weakened from the thought of efforts or money needed in doing so.

From afar, these mountains look high and exhausting to be explored. For years, there was always an urge to explore every time I see those dark green long ranges. Assuming they must be filled with trees, uninhabited, and extremely cold.

Same with wishes or dreams. Assumptions normally preoccupy the mind. Impossibilities are dictated by fears and worries- being surrounded with idiots or non supportive people may also be a contributing factor.

The bumpy road with huge rocks trying to flip down the jeep added excitement; it made me conclude that the top of the mountain is a hell of a virgin forest.

Surprisingly, the place is an agricultural area. Literally and figuratively. Income-generating trees covered most of the areas: bananas, mangoes, rubber trees and coconuts.

Awesome, I felt relieved. I did cross the bridge.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I was supposed to write about my recent trip but 'Nicanor' disturbed me. I don't know any 'Nicanor' yet it hummed in the back of my mind, like a 'last song syndrome'.

It's rhythmic.

It's: Nicanor, Nicanor, Nicanor, Nor, Nor.

I searched 'Nicanor' in Wikipedia and found one interesting Nicanor.

Nicanor Stigmatias of early 2nd century, grammarian, in the Roman Empire Hadrian.

Apparently, he got the nickname 'stigmatias' due to his focus in the field of punctuation. It's weird since I was looking at my previous posts and saw lots of incorrect grammar usage. I grew tired of studying my writing and decided to leave the posts as they are.

But then the Nicanor tune drilled my ears.