HK Summer 2008

Thank you my sister, for this vacay, and for all.
Aboard Philippine Airline, my first flight outside the Philippines. It felt awesome. I took the free meal (not Happy peanuts and Hansel biscuit LOL) slowly and  the flight attendant pushed her hand right into my face. She needed to take the utensils. I consumed half of the meal. If coming to HK, eat your meal quick.

Hong Kong aerial view is so unlikely with Manila.

HK is composed of islands; we stayed in Kowloon
Giant bridges. Huge braces. And a CCTV.

'Well, Miss I want the third item in column number 2. And give me that 'tea' everyone's drinking.'
HK Disneyland is swarming with young manpower. Young crews, young dancers, young girls. These ladies were dancing under the extreme and annoying hot sunlight.

That is why Disney is for kids.

I did party while everyone was sleeping soundly in the hotel. Expensive party but the fun was different and unforgettable.
I assumed 90% of these signboards were gone after the typhoon in our 4th day. The strongest typhoon I've witnessed. I was a bit glad the typhoon came; we had to stay in the cozy hotel for another day and had fine dining in the hotel's restaurant. 

I will survive in HK. Men can go shirtless in downtown.

With my mother and granny. The bay was clean. Literally clean; no single trace of any forms of garbage. Manila Bay, oh there's still time to clean you up.

Symphony of Lights happens nightly at 8. Skycrapers beam with lights while music is overheard. I grew tired and almost dehydrated due to warm climate. I sat down and took picture of the tourists. 

Spicy seafoods.

Seafoods galore. Unusual shapes and kinds. Don't forget their beer, they do 'em spicy.

Young ladies in early morning. After party babies craving for hot noodles.