Happy kids in the mountain

After trying so hard to take good shots of the heavily greened hills (too much green trees and grasses makes photography hard, in my opinion), these kids approached us wanting to see what's in the camera LCD. "Let me take a shoot of you, then see yourselves in the camera," I replied.

They smile sweetly and the girl giggled after taking shots. She was squeezing her puppy. I showed them the LCD and the girl pointed to her puppy. Overjoyed, she squeezed her puppy again and exclaimed, "ang utin! Ang patintin!" I was shocked. She was squeezing the penis of the puppy and mentioned it in vernacular; a big no-no when I was their age.

I made a quick interpretation to Annie, a non-Cebuano lady (lahdeeh,LOL). We laughed out loud and dived in the river.
Then these 'beki' and energy-filled kids made our day. They joined us in the mini lagoon we found, far from the crowd.

But they left us when they found these...