Monday, June 18, 2012

Bored but poised

Bored and yawning,
it's bitter.
Oh dark coffee
Keeps the wee.

The sun is rising,
Have done no hiking.
Quick smoking,
in bed I'm snoring.


annie-lou said...

super like the "hunk" look.nice photography mai! ☺

but not the quick smoking thing,hahaha.(COPD ring a bell?)

excellent photography beh!

miss having yoour artistic spirit near.

discover greatness!i know you are capable of it.

Patrick Poculan said...

Passive smoking makes one more prone to COPD: ring a bell? Hahaha!

Giatay, 'hunk' look lang? I am a hunk!

Come here bitch and get near the artistic spirit, lol!