Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toys as Kites


zebra toy

I used Sony Cyber-shot (12.1 megapixels) which has no default macro function. Options are metering mode and focus so I set them to 'spot' and 'center AF' respectively. I assumed they work similar to macro. Ensuring the subject were on the 'squarish' little green stuff in the LCD, it automatically focused on anything targeted to it while blurring the background.

These toys are usually found everywhere-in the yard, living room, and even bathrooms. My nephew, a toddler, is on the verge of terrible 'twos' and gets a hell of satisfaction in throwing stuff in all corners of the house. Toys and building blocks are like kites without nylon strings maneuvered over our heads.

I look at them flying. Sometimes scared to death these might break the television or mirror. But every time I turn my head, furious, and look for the boy; I see his smile, stretched from ear to ear and his eyes sparkling with joys.

Well, I always smile back.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photography + Macro = Surprise

Using the 'macro' feature of digital cameras, if done meticulously, may result to surprisingly beautiful pictures. There are simple things, plants, or weeds that are normally ignored in daily basis but they can be great subjects for photography.

Attempting to organize my old pictures in the hard drive, I found some old photography I have done using point-and-shoot digital cameras.


negra & borgy

baby derek

Chainsaw Massacre
1980's wiring
Lucky 13