Focus + Hardwork = Mastery

Mel Tiangco's TV program Power House had Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago as featured personality today. The latter showed the former her house library, a huge squarish room with low ceiling and shelves where books are placed. Thousands of (already) read books. The senator does not have card catalogs like what the libraries have, but she has the list of book titles in her mind. Another library can be found in her office which I bet must be a den of thousands books.

The host asked the senator her viewpoints should Chief Justice Renato Corona wins or losses the impeachment filed against him. The senator wittingly shared that if the chief justice wins, he'd be a strain to the MalacaƱang, or the Supreme Court would be scared of MalacaƱang if likewise. I guess, particularly of the president.

The moment she finished saying her ideas, I was quickly convinced she's right. Like how one subconsciously affirms with the ideas of masters and experts.

Miriam Defensor-Santiago is undoubtedly an expert in politics, law, and even common 'law of nature.' A master.

When chaos stir the society, a journalist interviews a sociologist-you mutually nod with the expert's explanation. A controversial public law causes uprising among activists, you suddenly empathize with their qualms when a dean in political science shares his opinion. These are the men who have mastered their skills and knowledge. They have the "FOCUS" in their chosen fields.

I have have funny moments with this 'focus' thing. 

I have been writing occasionally, or whenever 'focus' traps me to do it out of boredom. A friend heard the gossip about my blogs galore and asked, 'So you must be a good writer, may I read some of your works.'

    I refused, 'Oh no, I'm still a yuppy in writing, you won't like my works.'

This bald guy at work learned I do graphics and approached me, 'Hey, can you do this dude?'
   It was a graphic work for a website design, grinning, 'I'm a yuppy dude, still an immediate-level user of Adobe Illustrator.'

Mind you, I'm not a yuppy at making love. LOL!