This is a journal, eh?

Taken in Dalton Pass, Nueva Vizcaya

Privacy versus publicity.

Privacy means I won't be writing and not improve my writing skill. Online journal through blogging has been extremely rampant lately. People tell stories of qualms at work, euphoria at a party, and some even turn themselves into nomads after they become more visible nowadays. I almost gave up working and be a nomad. Thanks to little sanity, I'm kind of realistic so far. Realistic according to my own definition.

I have been dormant for months, as far as writing (or blogging) is concerned. The HP laptop crashed down, again. Yearning to buy a Dell notebook. Tech-savvy guys recommend the brand. Oh MAC laptop, you're too expensive. Too much for a Manila call center agent.

Now I'm publicly telling that I can not afford a Mac. Hence, this public journal goes on.