Wanting more of "The Bayot in the Bukid"

tree house
Someone followed my twitter account, the follower's smile took my attention. Checked the follower's followers until I landed into a blogger whining about people leaving (relationship, work and even blogging), one of whom is Mandaya Moore. Mandaya's last post's on February 9, 2011 with last words:
And Mandaya Moore lived happily ever after. Alone.
He's a good storyteller. Very sensible, romantic, down to earth and funny stories of his straight male lovers and gay friends. He reminds me of Coconuter. The nomad thing. The unusual joy one gets in the simple, satisfying life of the rural communities. Mandaya's friend, Fiona, took a leak (or doing the number 2?) alongside the dusty public road. Doing it in remote can be safe since a few people or motorized vehicles are expected to pass by. I used to park my motorized bike anywhere in my hometown's outback areas when nature calls and pee among the coconut trees. Sometimes I'd pull out my tool for the world to see, facing the rice field or the sea with no worries. The world felt like it's mine and had the nature as witness to my boldness. Pungent urine leaking, like the earth should have been grateful for the organic nutrients from it.
But why am I here in Manila and not wanting to go back. The courage to go home is gone. Longing to leave Manila. Or is it Manila?
Not back home. I'd go somewhere else. Asia. Pacific. Europe. Anywhere. I might just live in Batanes. The urge in running away strikes again.
When Mandaya stopped writing, writer Kane went to Mindanao and interviewed the former. Glad the phenomenal Miss Mandaya will be back.