Horrible Bosses (Film)

At last, an adult comedy for this year. Watched the film with Anne in Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, amazingly cheap at P160 in premiere seat. Sta. Lucia has one of the biggest screen compared to other non IMAX movie houses in Greater Manila Area.

Horrible Bosses is horribly funny and Jennifer Aniston is one big versatile actor. She plays the sex-crazed dentist of an engaged dental assistant (Charlie Day). Jason Bateman, stereotyped again as working class in this movie, a subordinate of emotionally abusive Kevin Spacey. Kurt Buckman has to work with dickhead Colin Farrell after the latter's father (the original kind boss) died of heart attack.

To get rid of their bosses, they decided to kill the horrible bosses. After paying thousands of dollars for their murder-consultant Jamie Foxx, Foxx turns out to be an impostor and has never killed anyone, but does piracy for a living.

Aniston was a favorite. Her hair is dyed dark brown and skin is tanned. She is hilariously funny in this new role, after seeing her in the usual romantic comedy for past years.

Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

Went to Starbucks afterwards. Got free coffee jelly frappe from my friend's coupon. Irritating to the throat, too sweet. Smoked and talked about us being corporate slaves, running to smoke in less than 15 minutes insuring to get back to most-hated cubicles in time. How long should one work?

(Image source: www.twitchfilm.com)