Living a life the heart wants

It's August 25, 2011, 1:30 a.m. Manila time. I have been awake for more than 48 hours. The usual problem.

After savoring the water spinach for dinner with my housemates Anne and Ralph, I took my laptop inside Anne's bedroom since it's closer to the internet router. I needed faster speed to view Lourd De Veyra's humorous, intellectual videos. Anne's closet was open.

I saw neon colored post-it notes attached to a cloth hanger. I asked her about the notes but she quickly replied not to dare look at them. Seconds later, she placed the notes on the laptop's keyboard. There are list of plans. Short and long term goals like purchasing appliances, vacation, loving her self more and etc. Setting of goals shared by her work's team leader.

My big, long term goals are:
1. a black or white stallion
2. glass house in a hill, specifically in Kapatagan, Digos City
3. sweet, bell pepper farm in the front yard
4. coffee and cacao farm in both side of the glass house
5. woods behind the glass house

Six Feet Underground
(I'd love to farm. Pick up tomatoes and gather chicken eggs in the coop for breakfast.)

I've been a working class. A Philippine-based working class. It is a bit hard to build a glass house or buy a stallion from the meager earnings in a corporate world. Aside from the monthly salary, additional source of income should come along to realize plans. While talking about living, life and reaching dreams, Coconuter came to my mind. I checked his site and it surprised me he's been back in Manila for quite some time. The modern nomad, his name is David Poarch, who gave up his comfortable life in the States years ago and attempted to survive from what the laid back life in the rural community could provide. This man inspired me when I first heard of him. He helped define the unclear thoughts occasionally running in my mind. Ambiguous ideas giving you migraines after trying hard understanding them.

All I want, someday, is to see greenery. The river, waterfalls, flowers and mountains. Get up early in the morning. Feel the cool breeze hit my skin. Walk barefoot toward the front yard, pick up fresh eggplants, gather chicken eggs from the coop, and prepare breakfast while sipping brewed coffee.

I'm tired of party, Manila's pollution, and corporate life.