I have been hooked listening to my old trip-hop music files such as Portishead, Telepopmusik, Tricky, Unkle and Massive Attack. Unkle's Rabbit In Your Headlight music video is one amazing video. I feel entranced when the man took of his shirt at the end of the video after a few cars hit and honk on him. He spread his arm like a crucifixion and the last car did not stop. The car blew out from the impact.

Tricky's songs make me want to keep on smoking
Telepopmusik makes me fly
Portishead fills my mouth with vodka endlessly
Massive Attack pushes me to the top of the train (like the kids in "Slumdog Millionaire"

Weather has been really cool lately in Manila. As cool as the trip-hop. Walking in the night from the mall to my house, I'd see the smoke from the cigarette in my dry lips running towards the sky. Looking up, the world is dark. I miss the stars.

I miss PJ Harvey. Stop knocking on my door my dear landlady, I'll pay you tomorrow. I am not running.