Thunderbird versus Outlook

I'm using dongle.

Wireless connection.

It took less than a mere 5-minute to install Mozilla Thunderbird version 5. I added 3 various email accounts; Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Thunderbird automatically detects correct email settings for each mail's server/s. So amazing. I stopped using Outlook, or should I say I can not continue using Outlook because Microsoft demands serial number after restoring my laptop to factory settings. Five hundred emails appeared in Thunderbird within 5 to 10 minutes. Weeks ago, Outlook gathered all the emails from the servers-around 400 emails-for 3 hours. Using the same dongle.

I no longer use Microsoft Office and now learning Java's Open Office.

Mozilla remains faithful to its principle, that Internet should be free and easy. I'm still in awe with Thunderbird. I have worked with many customers having endless issues with Outlook. Thunderbird's logo looks trustworthy, and so is its performance.