Back to virtual world

I'm back to virtual world.

After half a year of inaccessibility to a personal computer, an HP is at hand. It's from my sister. HP Pavilion dv2000. Pre-loved. Sister had it turned on overnight. The moment she opened her eyes, the monitor went dim. Restarted, still as black as its cover. Eager to have the laptop, I requested to have it sent to me and leave the worry on me in fixing it.

Basically, as usual customer would do, I went to Hewlett-Packard repair center. The polite lady took the serial number of the laptop, excused herself and showed up with a printout handed to me. Nice piece of shit, I mean piece of paper. It's a system generated narrative of the laptop's serial number, date manufactured, some difficult codes, and the last but not the least, the word-obsolete.

The 2006 model HP laptop is no longer supported by HP repair center.

They no longer do any probing or checking if it needs a mere replacement of LCD, faulty wiring or a simple hard reset. The lady was nice. She must have seen how frustrated I was. She helped me slide the laptop back into my Agnes B bag. The only help I got. Non-technical support from HP.

I left the laptop to the care of CompuServe repair shop in the mall. The girl with annoying dental, steel braces said I will be receiving a feedback should they need to replace any parts of the hardware. Initially paid the diagnostic fee which is a bit expensive. They didn't fix it. Had the monitor on. No fixing fee required. The girl with steel braces suggested I use a laptop cooler. It took them 15 days to do it. She advised I can do checking of emails, surfing and avoid using it for more than 2 hours. The video card was said to be overheating when movies are played.

After less than 24 hours of using it, the screen goes black again. I flashed a light on the screen, I could see my works in it. I searched for solutions through Google. I learned about removing the LED or replacing its inverter. Desperate to resolve the issue myself, I studied the "how-to's" via Youtube. But I was scared I might not be able to fix it.

I restored it to factory default settings. Resetting took almost an hour whilst I was praying.


Been using it for a month.