Bacteria and virus

Been sick for three days. Swollen tonsils causing pain to the scale of 10 like I want to throw all the cats invading my bedroom. Bedroom door has been open for days, mosquitoes and cats enjoy the opportunity. It is more than 30 degrees celsius pure summer. Closing the windows or door would turn my non air conditioned room to a conventional oven for Juan's pandesal. Rolling in bed like snake. Head feels very heavy. Getting up when there's a need to take a leak and when hunger makes me disoriented. It is difficult to swallow the 625 milligram Augmentin that I puked yesterday when I forced to swallow it. Looking at the mixture of water and saliva on the floor, I found the Augmentin tablet. Desperate to get well, I picked it up and swallowed it, making a fist that's about to break my bedroom's wall while the pain goes to my brain like Thor's hammer is breaking my skull.

And herpes zoster appear in lower lip that looks like red cottons. Perfect. Who's next in line? Appear now please. Come one, come all. It looks harmless but once you have it, it feels like it is pulling all the muscles in the areas affected. So when you move your lips from talking or eating, it is heavenly painful. I push myself an inch near the mirror, herpes looks like balloons filled with water. This is viral. And I get this every year, especially during summer.

Since I am a corporate slave, I have to work tonight. Or tomorrow morning at 3:00 am. When I speak, one would wonder if I have a marble in the corner of my mouth. It is extremely painful. But I will work. After all the torture. I will work. Mind over matter. These are just bacteria and viruses ruining my body. I must have control over them.