Digos City

(Took this pic from Grandma's garden. There was rain before sunset. )

I miss my hometown.

Cook pork
bake cupcakes
brew coffee
sit in the garden
nod and smile to each person passing by the yellow house.

Ride a motorcycle
wearing short pants
no helmet
sleeveless shirt.

The shirtless man, fronting the gloomy Catholic church,
chops the upper portion of coconut
poke the cheap straw through the meat
sip the refreshing juice
Mama says it's good for the kidneys.

Light the cigarette
start the motorcycle
feels like I'm the town's bad boy.

Speed up to 140 km/hr
avoid the superhighway
pass through the shortcut
along mahogany trees
too green they look like plastic.

Stopping in the abandoned pier
sit in plastic chair
strong wind pushing me
I yell to the mulatto girl.

Drive back home
speed up like the road is mine
realizing I'm flat on the road
I'm off from the motorcycle
right knee is bleeding.

People in awe
jaws drop
I smile
drive like I feel no pain
I smile again.

Few meters
away from the witnesses
I check my knee
blood is oozing
like a jail-breaker.

Back in the yellow house
unlocking the gate's padlock
before Noah-the smelly dog-
could lick my hands.

moisturize my face
pull over me
the Ralph Lauren blanket,
I'm home.