Philippine's MONDAY magazine

Call it MONDAY. The best and worth-my-money Philippine magazine. It's like having 5-course menu in a cozy restaurant. I'm giving two thumbs up for this earth-friendly magazine because it
1) uses recycled paper (if I'm not mistaken [I feel bad every time I flip on glossy magazine,
2) talks about OPTIMISM,
3) arrays high-end topics, stuffs and people (from vases, chairs, to A380 Airbus),
4) aggressively talks about having just one's mere corporate salary Vs. dining in Li Li Vs. buying Prada Vs. easily brushing off a fashionista lady commuting by a pedicab Vs. a gay logo-addict who's inis (irked) to the latter,
5) and, is so contemporary but sensitive of the history.

Monday is indeed exuding an optimism towards me. It fires up my desire in arts, business, travel and all the beautiful things I'd wanted to do with my former lover. I'm gonna start put things into realization by myself or with someone should one goes along. The world is big. Oh honey life is beautiful.