Fat girl in the pantry

A fat girl laughs. It's for me. I'm sure. I turn my head to see where it comes from. I see her and look into her eyes. She puts her fat hand flat on her fat lips while giggling. Her huge fat shoulder shaking.

I'm in a school boy outfit. I may have seemed cool or funny for her. She's with her fat friends who chuckle at her laughter.

Should I also laugh, because they're fat?

A fat girl pushing a fat ego to her fat self. Trying to 'fat-ly' maximize her thin self-esteem.

I'm chewing pork fats. The fat girl leaves the pantry. A part of her just-for-fat-shirt is tuck between the skin folds of her belly. I follow her through my gaze. Good thing she's fat. A fat bitch. So unlikely with my good fat friends.

3:05 a.m.
October 31st 2010