Thursday, December 16, 2010

Philippine's MONDAY magazine

Call it MONDAY. The best and worth-my-money Philippine magazine. It's like having 5-course menu in a cozy restaurant. I'm giving two thumbs up for this earth-friendly magazine because it
1) uses recycled paper (if I'm not mistaken [I feel bad every time I flip on glossy magazine,
2) talks about OPTIMISM,
3) arrays high-end topics, stuffs and people (from vases, chairs, to A380 Airbus),
4) aggressively talks about having just one's mere corporate salary Vs. dining in Li Li Vs. buying Prada Vs. easily brushing off a fashionista lady commuting by a pedicab Vs. a gay logo-addict who's inis (irked) to the latter,
5) and, is so contemporary but sensitive of the history.

Monday is indeed exuding an optimism towards me. It fires up my desire in arts, business, travel and all the beautiful things I'd wanted to do with my former lover. I'm gonna start put things into realization by myself or with someone should one goes along. The world is big. Oh honey life is beautiful.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fat girl in the pantry

A fat girl laughs. It's for me. I'm sure. I turn my head to see where it comes from. I see her and look into her eyes. She puts her fat hand flat on her fat lips while giggling. Her huge fat shoulder shaking.

I'm in a school boy outfit. I may have seemed cool or funny for her. She's with her fat friends who chuckle at her laughter.

Should I also laugh, because they're fat?

A fat girl pushing a fat ego to her fat self. Trying to 'fat-ly' maximize her thin self-esteem.

I'm chewing pork fats. The fat girl leaves the pantry. A part of her just-for-fat-shirt is tuck between the skin folds of her belly. I follow her through my gaze. Good thing she's fat. A fat bitch. So unlikely with my good fat friends.

3:05 a.m.
October 31st 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Farewell my dear Puta

It's a brave thing living alone.

And saddening. I just came from a 5-year-6-months relationship. Which I firmly believed was the one I'd have before I die.

I came here in Manila with my (putang inang Puta) lover with chuckles on the thought of living together like real couples under the same roof. All I wanted to do is go to the market in weekends with Puta. Cook decent meal for us. Party all Saturdays. Get sissy with strangers but have Puta alone around my arms in Sundays. But the Puta fell for someone. I remained on Puta's side. I convinced myself Puta was into a puppy love affair with this Boba (a putang ina puta too). It turned out I was wrong. I became invisible. Puta and Boba started having arguments. Like they were couples. They went through security issues like how I and Puta used to go through. I was not just invisible then. I outran my skin, flew like a deep pure wind.

I live alone now. Puta and Boba live together in the same condo where Puta and I used to live together. Boba has his clothes in my closet where I used to keep mine. I am writing this story in my BlackBerry. I used to type in Puta's netbook. I eat alone. I sleep alone. It's a humbling experience living (unusually) alone. I still cry. Not that I want Puta back. I thought I could start a family with Puta.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The number two

(Image source:

I now live in Eastwood City. A private community-ala replica of a luxurious metropolitan-where everything is splendidly put to make one feels like a VIP.

I have been here for two weeks. I got a job offer after two weeks. Everything happened in "two" lately.

I flew here with two tickets. The first ticket that I purchased online through my sister's credit card was denied due to my inability to present the Philippine Airline's requirements: photocopy of the credit card used and photocopy of my sister's valid ID. My sister lives in Florida. The card is in Florida. Her IDs are in Florida. Desperate to fly in the same plane with my partner, I was in dilemma between purchasing a same flight ticket of about six thousand pesos or a cheaper one on a different flight. I took the latter. Two different flights.

We finished two bottles of alcohol (Mojitos and Bacardi) in two weeks. Watched two movies in Eastwood Mall. Applied for a job in two companies and two headhunters. Celebrated twice for the job with an expensive frozen yogurt and costly cinnamon breads in the following day. Partied two times. The two of us got sick. I am now taking two antibiotics a day.

I live in tower two of a 3-tower condominium. Now looking at my Givenchy watch, it is two in the morning, Philippine time. Thanks God for the number 2.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Struggling smoker

I am a struggling smoker. I smoke one pack a day. The recently introduced Marlboro Black is making my habit worse, leaving me burning one and a half pack a day.

Been a lazy unrealistic dreamer lately. I draw and design. It pulls me away from the harsh reality of life- and I am loving it. Addicted to it.

Colors fill my soul, they twist my mind and I am loving it.

Like crayons thrown from the bridge, they may be beautiful but not to where they may land.

I do not understand what I am writing.

This is chaos.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Passionate designing

Thanks God there is Crowdspring. The restless stuff in my minds are now gradually released beautifully. Been hooked in designing over various designing projects. And I so love it. It makes me feel so alive, and so satisfied. God, how I love to design.

I used to draw everywhere since I was young. Typography became my regular hobby, that I had to repeat all my notes oftentimes in a week; turned the notes from italic, to long-hand, short-hand and then all-caps. At the end of the school year, my notebooks remained neat but the number of sheets have decreased like three folds.