I started to write and never stop

I started to write something about the extremely, awfully smelly toilet in Davao City's Bus terminal but I got lost. I suddenly didn't know how to end it after putting on four paragraphs. A bit confused, if the story's stupid, or not interesting, or too negative. I'm too hesitant in posting negative stories. I just realized that my previous posts were mostly negative. I'm gonna shift to the other side a bit, intermittently. Life has been so like Garfield's lately. Procrastination becomes a habit which I have to deal with urgently. Got excited when I signed up for Postcrossing but someone took it negatively so I removed my account. I joined it because I saw the members received postcards from anybody randomly, and with postage stamps (OMG!). I perfectly love snail mail, the smell of the envelope, the seal, and the stamps. I used to be a philatelist.

The world is beautiful indeed. With or without postcards.