Good Morning 'Doctor-Looking' Biatch!

Had a meeting with the boss and the co-workers. Did an impromptu reporting of penalties and sanctions policies with humor that made everyone burst into laughter. The world seemed warm and happy not until the Biatch (bitch) arrived. I was discussing about courtesy of staff towards the officers and doctors, and sanctions if discourtesy happened. The Biatch, with about 3 lines between his brows, addressed his so-kinda-Biatch statements:

'...I have a comment regarding courtesy policy.
You are not courteous here...
In bigger hospital, even though they don't recognize someone as a doctor, they'd
still greet anyone as long as he's doctor-looking. And that's from a bigger
hospital, you're just a primary hospital here. Some of you here act like you are
somebody great or rich.'

Adjective for the year 2009 - doctor-looking. And yes, I am really somebody. I believe I am a great person.

The hospital where my mother worked, used to be my playground when I was a kid. Seeing how stiff the doctors were, nurses treated doctors like eminent one. This is the era of the stiffly-starched nursing gown.

That's so 2000 and late, I'm so 3008.

Those days are gone my dear Biatch. Why would anyone greet you when all we see are your:
1. vertical lines between your brows
2. horizontal lines above the vertical lines between your brows
3. frowning face
4. dark aura

You do not solicit recognition. You are so hungry for respect. You do not ask for it, you earn it. You do not get courtesy from the people? Then maybe it's time you assess yourself. I will never ever greet you my dear Biatch, not unless you greet me first. I am more doctor-looking than you are. You actually look like a 15-days vocational course instructor. And your legs are too short, better lose some weight my dear hungry doctor-looking fellow.

My words are mean I know, you deserve worse.