Perfect lunch of a perfect happy family

Click on the image to view in high resolution. (From left to right: (top)chopped onions, ripe tomatoes soaked in soy sauce with fresh lemon; (bottom)flour coated, crispy-fried young mackerels, about 2 to 3 inches; finely-chopped bamboo shoot with jute or saluyot, coconut milk and mushroom; and fresh pineapple shake garnished with real pineapple.

I'd smile and laugh at myself when I think of my happy, and perfect family. Unarguably, mine is a very functional family, with each member an absolute "happy heart". My mother would gently yell and gingerly stare at me if I show languidness towards a happy lunch, though I've had three pieces of bread with peanut butter at 11 a.m. Lunch is basically past 1200 hours, just in time when older brother arrives from work. I'd sit on the dining table- prayer is murmured by anybody- and say "Amen" in chorus.

It's salty. You must be living by the sea.
It's overdone!
The okra looks pale.
The fish isn't fresh.
What a hard meat. This pig must be 10 years old!
We need Pepsi. Don't forget the ice. (Despite the presence of iced-tea)
Not hot enough, more chili please.

We speak at mealtimes like gastronomists, assert suggestions like a gourmet does. We don't even have oven at home (ha ha!). If you did the cooking, expect to hear corrections, suggestions and, however, motivation.

We have another set of perfect lunch as shown in the image above. I so love the crispy-fried mackerel. And they're fresh.