Birthday boy

From left to right: grilled pork and fish; raw milk fish (kinilaw na bangus) with vinegar, cucumber and coconut milk; and sauteed prawns with real pineapple.

It's my **th birthday. Had a perfect lunch as usual (everything seems perfect with my perfect family). Went to the market in the morning, pressed about 10 kinds of fish with my pointing finger, hoping chances to land on firm ones. Not really good in identifying a real fresh fish but I rely on my perfect instincts. Another self-proclaimed crazy perfect talent. Bought three kinds of really big, pricey fishes. White squids, as big as my forearm, caught my eyes. Pressed the squids still with my index finger, unbeknownst to the woman selling them. I purchased one rounded and firm squid with eyeballs like they had exopthalmus. My brother, the Gourmet number 2, told me that a flattened squid is not fresh. Got astonished at the site of six huge prawns immersed in a basin half-filled with water. Bought all of them.

At lunch, we had ice-cold beer, and the foods were placed over dishes covered with banana leaf. A perfect presentation. Courtesy of Gourmet number 2.

Fifty People, One Question: London from Crush + Lovely on Vimeo.

Love this video so much. Goosebumps, euphoria, this really moves me. When I was 16 years old, I saw the movie Reality Bites. That changed some of my wishes in life. When Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke had coffee and a really nice conversation in Central Park New York, I told my friends, "When I get to New York, I'd go to Central Park on a summer or spring season, sit on the bench with my legs crossed, sip a $1 coffee like Winona's and read a newspaper." (I was already smoking then in high school; I'd had Philip Morris and Hope Menthol 100s interchangeably, not really knowing the difference) But right now, I really don't know where would I want to be when I wake up.