Color Blind by Counting Crows

A beautiful, sad, melancholic song by the Counting Crows. This song put me on tears.

People just so love harmony and tranquility. This song is about being who you're not. Why would one do so Daddy? To please anybody honey, to be likable, or maybe you're just so fucking good that you live according to their desires and expectations. Lucky are those mean, bad-ass bitches- people would be so happy when they become kind and as cute as your momma's fat baby.

When you've been extremely good like my dog Negra (my amazingly obedient, black dog), and you get so helluva mad as a raging Spanish bull, voila! you show off your true colors- people would despise you.

A steady, flowing one-milliliter drop of water from a leaking water pipe can fill a huge bucket. Your heart's so huge; you're sure you're having a cardiomegaly; you're so fucked up; like your heart's in your throat (which is a really, really wrong place, isn't it?)- you'd want to pull your self apart, show thy real self. It may be a good beginning.

It may be worse for anyone. They have loved the old- fake- you. What should you do? I do not know.

Maybe sing Color Blind by the Counting Crows and feel your tears flowing like a river.