It's a miracle!

I'm not really a believer of miracles. But I believe what happened a couple of minutes ago was a miracle.

I have had extremely depressing days. I appeared happy to everybody, stretched my smile from ear to ear and I could see them infected with the fake positive energies from me. Today's extremely hot. I ran out of Marlboro, walked shirtless to the store and hoping a cold breeze would chill my skin. Street lights were broken, everything looked gloomy. I looked for the moon but could not find it. Bought a menthol cigarette, lit it with a match. Didn't use the Zippo lighter, I love the smell of a burning matchstick. Back at home, sat in the granite veranda and inhaled a huge volume of smoke. My lungs did not choke. They never respond, thus they're not functional anymore. Asked God for a rain. I needed a cold breeze so badly. Told Zahir through sms hope it rains. Right after seeing that sms is sent in the phone's monitor , it rained heavily. The spattering of the rain hit the earth like they're huge raindrops. A subtle chill began to caress my body. Blew a huge circle of smoke in the rain, dissected into little souls. Miracle happens in small things. And I believe it. God is good. And I love Him.