Green and Shattered

A man in his late 20's, pulled his mushy green top-down car along the Mahogany trees. Their green leaves were like hands grasping for a sun in an early morning. A drying river, high and dry, ran along the trees. His green eyes were stuck on the right side-view mirror. Unusually, it showed the green pebbles from the river.

How could moss and algae live in a thirsty river?

He puffed on his Marlboro menthol cigarette. It filled his lungs like a eucalyptus juice, making him shiver, feeling colder. He smoked like a chimney. Shiver ran on his spine like lightning. He took off the car, dragged himself towards the river. His green Chuck Taylor stepped on thinning fern. His eyes looking for signs of water running.

How come these stones are so green?

He put his left hand in his camouflage pants. He flung the cigarette butt from his right hand. It hit a stone surrounded with tiny ferns. The leaves were like burnt marijuana from afar. Smoke floating to the sky like dead heroes.

This place is too beautiful, I can't leave my dirty cigarette butt here.

He vigorously walked into the tiny ferns as if circulating a bonfire, bent his back, his right index fingers and thumb about to clamp the butt like forceps. He froze. His pupils contracted. Motionless. Back still bent. Shiver ran to his head like a migraine. He saw an emerald stone. About the size of a wine cork. Picking it with his fingers, straightened his back, viewed the stone at eye level. Smiling from ear to ear, the shiver became euphoria, it penetrated into his heart. The stone was restless. It wanted to leave his hand. He closed his fist. It was moving like a beetle digging a decaying wood. He pitched the stone across the river like a baseball.

The stone hurled in the air like a free bird longing to be free, watching the world below, in a state of euphoria almost becoming a mania.

Left behind by himself. He forgot the lovely feeling he had when he found the stone. It turned the shiver to something beautiful. Loneliness overrun the euphoria. Running to his car, tears were streaming down his face. Drove his car as quick as the samurai of the Amok.

The stone's chance of flying was about to end. It's emerald green color now turning pale. With fear of coming back to the river and living alone, it searched for the man. It saw the man's car running like a bolt of thunder. It flew swiftly towards the car, hit the car's wind-shield intensely. It shattered the glass wind-shield. Fragmented glasses coming to the man zealously. Fragments penetrated the man's heart. Five minutes later, not a single shiver happened.


bEb said…
love this post pat!!! i think i know hu d character is.. hehe